Saturday, July 11, 2009

Full moon over Iqaluit

These pictures were taken Wednesday night. By pure luck I happened to glance out the window around midnight and noticed an absolutely stunning full moon rising over the city. It was reflecting a lovely orange colour from I assume the lights below. Being able to see a full moon at this time of the year is normally pretty hard, but it worked out well this time.

I was messing around with the bulb setting with the camera, which is why the lighting is so different. I set the camera up on a tripod in my apartment, turned off all the lights and then took pictures using different exposures. The darker ones I normally counted off about 15-20 seconds. The brighter ones were closer to 30. It's the first time I've really messed around with the bulb function and have the pictures work, so I'm pretty pleased.

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Neil Tasker said...

There's a beautiful eerie quality to these photos. Love them.

Kiggavik said...

Nice. The orange is from the same atmospheric effect as sunrises and sunset. Basically, low in the sky, the light has to pass through more atmosphere because of the angle. More blue light is scattered away, leaving more red/orange end of the spectrum to reach your eyes/camera.

Amanda said...

That whole day was one big..excuse the language..shit show..I blame it on that moon. It's awesome you got pics of it though, as much trouble it is it's quite beautiful.