Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainforests and reef pics

So today was a bit more relaxing than previous days. No diving to the bottom of the ocean, no plunging barely controlled down a river. Instead, we took an old train to the Tablelands's community of Kunundra, which was nice and all. The community has essentially nothing but shops, but we spent a very zen hour inside of a butterfly sanctuary and I bought my first tourist-like item - a boomerang. However, rather than buy one in the innumerable tourist shops, I found a gallery specializing in aboriginal art and found a hand painted one that also listed the name of the artist. Which I like.

We then took the skyrail back down the mountain, making a couple of stops in the Daintree rainforest. There's something deeply gratifying and overwhelming being surrounded by that many huge bloody trees. You go so long in Nunavut without any trees, without any measurable quantity of greenery and then you find yourself just surrounded by it. It can be just a touch too much. But only a touch. Mostly it was just really, really cool. And yes, I hugged one. It was very nice.

Nothing much else to report today. We're still catching up on sleep. Not so much from partying, just that people in our hostel tend to get on the move starting at 5:30 am and they're not quiet. So trying to sleep in beyond that is impossible. That mean I think tomorrow is going to be relaxing and strolling around town rather than doing anything action-packed.

And now, because people asked for them, some pictures from our Great Barrier Reef adventure. Considering the pics were taken with Cathy's small Canon digital and essentially shot while the camera was in a ziplock bag, we're thrilled with the results. We both took the photos, so mutual credit,

More later...

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All sounds fab...didn't anyone tell you that it is impossible to catch up on sleep!!.

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