Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weirder than you think

A couple of quick things on a Saturday night...

1. Apparently you know you've been married awhile when you do rock, paper, scissors to see who will take the dog out for a walk and we each threw out the same move seven times in a row. Kind of creepy, really. (I won, eventually)

2. The curling meetings will never end. Never. I had one this morning on learning about being a statistician for the Mixed Nationals (apparently I am very mean with my scoring, players should be worried if I'm scoring their game). Another one tomorrow morning with the rest of the executive. I think there might be one in the afternoon for all volunteers interested in helping out with the Mixed Nationals, and there's at least one other meeting on Wednesday.

I work for the government and I don't have this many meetings.

3. How can you tell you live in the north? When you call Pizza Hut, as we did last night, and tried to order a pizza. We couldn't get one because the dough didn't come up in the plane that day. We tried calling the Frob to get a pizza, but they had a private function and couldn't do pizza. Therefore, that was pretty much it for pizza in Iqaluit.

(Yes, the Storehouse has pizza, but it sucks to an almost unbelievable degree. And $100 a month membership is a bit much to get some decent pizza on a Friday night at the Racquetball club).

We settled for a McCain's pizza instead.

4. Tried to grab a quick lunch today after my curling meeting and Cathy spent the morning organizing her class. The first place we went to, a coffee shop at the Frobisher was, no kidding, closed for lunch. The second place was Fantasy Palace, where one poor bastard was run off his feet because his employee didn't bother to show up. Lunch was either a ham sandwich, an egg sandwich or a chicken wrap.

5. Things start to get weird and ugly in the last stages of the Nunavut election. Remember how I said you didn't normally see that many campaign posters for elections up here? Clearly I was an idiot. The city is plastered with them. They're going up faster than the vandals can tear them down. My favourites are the ones going up on buildings currently being constructed (will they just build over them?) or that Arctic Ventures has completely abandoned any notion of impartiality, what you your ability as a customer to grab a Hunter Tootoo (Iqaluit Centre) button and some Elisapee Sheutiapik (Iqaluit West) campaign literature at the cash when you're paying for your groceries.

Plus, there are these stories stirring the pot in the last few days. I think I'll be glad when Tuesday morning happens and there will only be one election left for me to follow and then I can finally slip into a coma.

People sometimes think I exaggerate that things are a bit....different in the north. No, I do not. I underplay them if anything.

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Anonymous said...

Rock Paper Scissors to choose jobs? I just mumble "Yes Dear" and do what I'm told.

Token American Friend said...

McCain pizza? See where my brain is? Geez.

towniebastard said...

Hey, she offered up the chance to play rock, paper, scissors for a chore....who was I to say no? At least there were odds for me winning, which is better than I normally get.

As for McCain pizza, well, at least he has opportunities for work after the election.

Simon said...

can you snag me some buttons - 1 of each please to add to my poli-swag collection?

Bob Izumi Jr. said...

I am a pizza Jesus. Once I get the miracle of the loaves down I'll do catering.

SRD said...

Would you like a recipe? Pizza is EASY to make, honest, as long as you have an oven with a bottom element (unlike the one in Cairo, or our old one here, we discovered too late....). My favourite version of my mother's recipe is - mix up the dough, then put it in an 2 L ice cream container and drive to the cabin. by the time you get there, the dough has risen and is ready to be put on pans with toppings.....