Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was planning on doing some more updating last night, but a combination of slow results and my internet collapsing prevented that. Ah well... For those curious about all of the results, go here.

Well, it appears that I have no future as a political psychic in Nunavut, given the election results. I thought the premier was probably going to lose, and he didn't. He did have a much closer race this time, but 340-296 is still a comfortable majority.

Nor was I really expecting that level of carnage among sitting MLAs and cabinet ministers. I think between retirements and defeats there are only two cabinet ministers (including the premier) from the last sitting returning. And although there were a lot more women running this time, only one was elected Eva Aariak in Iqaluit East.

I guess we'll see how all of this shapes up in the weeks to come. There are still two by-elections yet to happen. Plus the new MLAs have to sit down and figure out a cabinet and a premier. Just because Okalik wants to be premier again, doesn't necessarily mean it will happen, not with the way the government is run up here.

CBC has the full, gory details here for those who are curious.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I thought you might find this release interesting from the Tagak Curley Campaign. More politicians need outline their plans like this for Nunavut. The breakfast program for kids in schools is a great idea.




Rankin Inlet, NU (October 24, 2008) - On the eve of the Nunavut election, with the vote set for Monday, October 27, 2008, Tagak Curley announced his commitment to improve government services for all Nunavummiut.

"Over this campaign, I've been listening carefully to my constituents in Rankin Inlet North and the message I've heard is loud and clear:
Nunavummiut want better programs and services from the Government of Nunavut," said Tagak.

"All segments of our population in Nunavut, including the young, students, elders, women, business owners, hunters, fishers and others expect better leadership from our government."

In the next Legislative Assembly, Tagak confirmed his priorities, among others, will include to:

1. examine the feasibility of establishing a breakfast program for all schools in Nunavut;

2. improve health care including better and more reliable air travel for the ill and their families;

3. double the number of new housing units to be built;

4. encourage more local Inuit training and employment opportunities;

5. improve government contracting practices allowing more local business to benefit from government business;

6. more roads, and a harbour or a wharf for all communities;

7. improve cargo handling at community airports and improved food mail for more affordable healthy food choices;

8. increase capacity for the local administration of justice, including more local court houses;

9. increase in number of local police; and

10. more reliance on elders and traditional knowledge for regulating local hunting.

"In the next Legislative Assembly, we have to do more to improve the lives of all Nunavummiut here at the local level in the community,"
said Tagak.

Tagak concluded: "A better way for Nunavut begins with change, and change begins with your vote on Election Day. So, please, get out and vote on Monday."

To learn more about Tagak Curley, visit http://www.TAGAK.ca.

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