Friday, October 31, 2008

Moving on up

So funny thing happened today....

A little over a week ago I put in for a move of convenience at work. Now, a move of convenience is about the lowest priority for housing that there is. They're normally trying to find housing for new employees or other people with more serious issues than "I kinda don't like the place we're living in, find us another one."

And the thing is, we do like the place we're living in, if only it was much larger. The building is great, we like the neighbours, I finally have the supers in shape (a pipe under the kitchen sink broke this week. I went down at 9 am to mention it to them. By noon, it was fixed), plus we have a free washer and dryer and free plug in for the car. And we're close to Ventures, Northmart and Cathy's work.

It's just too damn small. How small? I finally got the measurements of the apartment the other day....47.3 square metres. Or about 155 square feet. For two adults with a lot of stuff and a dog, that's not much room.

Anyway, I put in for the move, figuring it would take easily at least six months, if not a year. Except this morning I get a call at work. It seems there's an apartment available if we're interested. The only thing is, it's in the same apartment building that we already live in, but the apartment itself is larger. Do we want it?

Oh yeah, we'll take it.

Well, not officially. We have to take a look at it on Monday. But it is a third larger - 70 square metres (about 230 square feet) - which is good. Assuming the place isn't a wreck, I imagine we'll take it.

Here's the snag...the last time we moved up here, Cathy was back in Newfoundland and I had a week to move from the old place to here because we were on our way to San Francisco for vacation. Well, something similar is happening this time. If we accept, we have seven days to move. Which isn't a burden. Under ordinary circumstances, it would be no problem. Just drag some stuff upstairs. If you can't do that in seven days, there's something wrong.

Except, of course, I'm in the middle of getting ready for the Mixed Curling Nationals. And starting on Tuesday is when things start kicking into full-time crazy because we assume control of the arena and have to get it in shape for Saturday. On top of helping once the teams actually arrive. And we're looking at trying to move in the middle of this.

We must be insane. I predict little sleep in the next two weeks.


The other thing I was going to mention this evening is the big news going through the territory, that being Leona Aglukkaq being named as Health Minister. I think you would have gotten good odds, and made quite a bit of money, picking her to get the Health portfolio.

Look, Health is the most gruelling, evil and thankless cabinet position there is. No matter what you do, people believe there's not enough money, doctors and nurses. That people have to wait too long for treatment and that the government is, at best, uncaring about your problems. It takes a special kind of personality to not only be able to handle that kind of pressure, but to also want the job.

I hope she does well at it. I didn't vote for her, but that doesn't mean I wish she fails at the job. If nothing else I find the prospect of the two most powerful politicians in Nunavut being women appealing, if the rumour about Eva Aariak possibly in the running for the premier's job is true. It almost, but not quite, makes up for the lack of women elected in the last election.

So best of luck to her. But it's going to be one hell of a rough ride for her, make no mistake about that.

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Way Way Up said...

WOW! 155 sq. ft?! ....and I thought my place here was miniscule for 2 people. Ouch.

towniebastard said...

Yes, but at least I'm married to my roommate...;)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That place is itty bitty!! You poor souls!

And moving can be done in one night. Get 30 rubbermaids, 15 friends, 10 pizzas and 2 flats of beer. Do it room by room and no beer until it is all done. Worked for us every time!!

KOTN said...

Or, under $100 bucks an hour to a local moving company. If you really want it to go without hassle or hitch, just pay for it.

We moved a block and a half when the baby was 2 and a half months old, we just paid up and moved.

Send me a mail if you want companies or names. Moving is a favourite passtime of Iqaluitmiut, I've lived in four places in three and a half years. Just keep moving up.

Way Way Up said...

LOL....Townie...did I ever walk in to that one......we'll be "divorced" come June anyway since at least one of us is leaving.

Newfie in Nebraska said...

Ummm, Craig,
your conversion factor to sqft is about 10.5... not 3.25. 155Sqft is about the size of the old muse computer room.

Anonymous said...


towniebastard said...

Ah, so the current place is about 425 sq feet and the new place is about 630 sq feet. Yeah, that makes a bit more sense.

sigh...this is why I became a journalist and not a scientist or anything.

Or, to quote a favourite conversation with Pat:

Me: Arthur C. Clarke says that any technology sufficently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.

Pat: Well, I'm an arts major, so the world is full of magic to me.

Kate Nova said...

If you guys need help lugging boxes, let me know. I'm not good at math either, but I can carry stuff.

towniebastard said...

Thanks Kate, I'll keep that in mind. I suspect an emergency call might go out on Friday if things are looking grim.

Regardless, thanks for the offer. I appreciate it.