Monday, October 27, 2008

Waiting for the results

I was warned earlier that election results in Nunavut redefine slow and that it could be midnight before the results for Iqaluit were known. And yes, I knew this was likely to be true because things work at a different pace up north. And results coming in late from smaller communities made a degree of sense, but I really did figure that Iqaluit results might come in a bit quicker.

But as I write this, the rest of Nunavut are getting their results, but Iqaluit? Not so much. One poll, that's it. The three Iqaluit ridings have a total of nine polls. Two and a half hours after the polls closed, they have the results for one of them.

Dear God. I imagine by this time next Tuesday Obama will be giving his acceptance speech. Although I have a degree of sympathy of the CBC "elections desk" people, who are desperately trying to fill airtime while Elections Nunavut, I don't know, counts votes using an abacus or something.

Anyway, how's it going so far? Well, a bit of a bloodbath for incumbents. A couple of ministers have gone down to defeat and at least one other is looking to be on life support. So this could be a very different looking government when they all gather to elect a premier and ministers.

Speaking of which, as of 10:30 p.m., the premier's fate remains up in the air. I'll update when there's more to report.

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We're all on pins and needles!