Monday, October 13, 2008

Home again

So I've returned to Iqaluit having thoroughly burned every ounce of good travel karma I possess. The flight on Sunday from St. John's to Toronto on Air Canada arrived 20 minutes early. The flight from Toronto to Ottawa arrived 10 minutes early. When I got to the luggage carousel, my bags were already there. There was no one in front of me when I got to Enterprise to rent a car and when I swung by the hotel on a lark to see if my room might be ready, even though check-in was several hours away, they had my room ready.

Nothing dramatic in today's flight up. I had window seat, no one in the middle seat so I was able to stretch out a bit. And the bags arrived undamaged. So that's good too

So yeah, that will never happen again. I like to think it was making up for what happened when we were flying back from Italy the summer. Whatever the cause, this trip back to Newfoundland featured some of the smoothest, no hassle travelling that I can ever recall. It was quite amazing.

There's lots I want to write about. There's stuff that happened on vacation I simply haven't gotten around to writing about yet. Lord knows the US election continues to be interesting....and I have a theory on Sarah Palin that could prove to be amusing. There's the federal election and I guess I have to find out what's happening with the territorial one.

But I'm just going to chill and relax for right now. I'll probably have more to write about later.

However I will give you this. Last year we bought, with the able assistance of Miss Jen, we bought a Cape Dorset print. And while I'd seen what it looked like because we had one here on display in Iqaluit, I'd never see what our print looks like (yes, I know, there's no difference. Bear with me). The print was sent to my in-laws back in Newfoundland to get framed. But because of the size (it's five feet tall) and concerns about it making to Nunavut in one piece, we've held off shipping it up here.

But I finally did get to see it while I was visiting Cathy's folks. And perhaps this pic doesn't quite do it justice, but I'm really pleased with the framing job. I love the print, but the framing certainly helps make it that much better. There's a bit of a glare off the glass, but you still get an idea of how it looks.

And hey, the Cape Dorset print sale is this weekend, so we might get a companion piece for our owls yet.

Last Five
1. Hidden track - The Pursuit of Happiness
2. Step right up (live) - Tom Waits
3. 4th of July (live) - U2
4. Santiago de Cuba - The Chieftains*
5. Always - Blink 182

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