Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday spree

So the comic books are finally taken care of. You know, there are times in my less sane moments when the idea of insuring them and then having a tragic accident where I spilled lighter fluid and clumsily drop a lit match is awfully appealing. I'm sure I would regret it later, but when I dragged 20 boxes of comic books (with the much appreciated assistance of Cathy's dad) from my father's house to storage, the thought did cross my mind more than once.

And I was able to drag six boxes of mostly junk to a local comic book store and get $500 for it. Which is certainly better than just putting them on the edge of a street corner and waiting for them to vanish.

My time home is quickly evaporating. I now have a little less than two days left and in that time I have to do a chunk of Christmas shopping for my parents and Cathy. Plus pick up a few things I need. And I still have friends I'd like to see. But even then I'm running out of time to see them. I need to be cloned or something. I honestly thought about 10 days home would be enough, but it really isn't. Ah well...

I have, however, managed to see a nice chunk of my family. We had a mini-feast over at my father's house last night and a surprising number of the family showed up. I'm debating whether it was to see me or that dad never does any large family get together at his place. Plus there was free food. Still, I'll assume it was me.

Anyway, the stores open in 30 minutes. I should go and start warming up the credit card....

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