Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grand Entrance

Just to give you an idea of skewed priorities we made two purchases today and Cathy is having a hard time deciding which she is more excited by.

One one hand, we have the pumpkins. Pumpkins aren't cheap up here as a rule. I just came from Arctic Ventures and some decent-sized pumpkins are going for around $25. Some down south will be horrified with that dollar figured. Others, living further north are probably envious and salivating at the idea of getting them that cheap. Cathy was contemplating buying one for her classroom.

Then we popped into Baffin Cannery, one of those little places that unless you live here you'll likely never find on your own. We were in there picking up a few things and found pumpkins for $7.99. I thought Cathy was going to have a stroke. There was only one pumpkin on the shelf and she would have been happy with that but, on a lark, asked if they had more.

"We have a whole pumpkin patch out back," the cashier quipped. So we promptly got two more. Cathy was a very happy girl.

And the other purchase? Oh, we bought this.

Yeah, today was the Cape Dorset Print Sale. We went down saying the one thing we weren't going to do, having looked at the prints online and considering what we have back in Newfoundland, was buy an owl. So naturally, we bought an owl. However, it's not just any owl, it's a Kenojuak Ashevak owl, called "Grand Entrance". We had been looking at it and figured it might be a bit too big and that surely it would be one of the first prints snapped up.

But much to our surprise, it wasn't. The way the print sale works is that you go down, put your name on a ticket and then they randomly draw the tickets. If they call your name and the print you want is still there, then it's yours. When Cathy's name was called - I think she was about the seventh - it was still there. So we went to hell with it and grabbed it. There was a few moans of disappointment.

It was a bit of a strange sale, really. Some of the stuff I thought would be snapped up right away didn't go until almost the end. Then again, the prints were more expensive this year. The cheaper prints were the first to go.

So we have an Ashevak owl, which I am glad about. Aside from being stunning (the online image doesn't do it justice) Ashevak is one of the masters of Cape Dorset and is world famous. I'm quite happy that we have one of her prints.

Cathy is happy too, by the way. She's just also pretty happy with the pumpkins. It's been a pretty good day over all.

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jen said...

Love that print! It's actually one we are looking at when the sale ends up here in CD. I think just getting anything by Kenojuak is impressive, she is a great artist and so well known.

towniebastard said...

She is a great artist and, you hate saying it, she is 81 so you always wonder how many more years she can keep making this astonishing artwork.

And we are glad we were able to get it because I kind of figured you might be a bit too busy next month to act as our proxy in Cape Dorset like you did last year...;)

Anonymous said...

Prints? Let's talk about $8 pumpkins! You guys in Iqaluit are so spoiled.

On that note, I'll be down in a months time. Coffee?

towniebastard said...

I know, we're so spoiled in that we only pay twice what they pay for things down south as opposed to the three to four times you pay.

And coffee sounds grand. Let me know when you're in and we'll work out the details.

SRD said...

lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

towniebastard said...

We are lucky, but if you want to swap this for that Blackwood I crave, I'm sure we could work something out....;)

Granted, Cathy will try to kill me, but she'd get over it...eventually.

Aida said...

i saw this was gorgeous. we got a print as well..more like an artist proof though, i wanted it last year but didnt want to dish out the $$$ but this time, i went for it since it was still

Anonymous said...

Spoiled Update:

Pumpkins $5.00 at Arctic Bay Co-op. Woo Hoo! A better price than Iqaluit!!!!