Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Without irony

I appreciate I'm kicking sand around in Megan's sandbox here since she normally has dibs on mocking Toronto-based media, but sometimes you just have to fire off the shot when it's standing there, begging to be taken.

In Lynn Crosbie's online column in the Globe and Mail today she ranted against Angelina Jolie. Ordinarily I couldn't care less, but she did offer up this gem of a line.

"...if only because of her inexplicable persistence and imperviousness to how tiresome and often maddening her constant presence can be."

The woman has zero sense of irony, doesn't she?

Last Five
1. Innocent when you dream - Tom Waits*
2. Tired eyes - Hey Rosetta
3. The kids are alright - The Who
4. A boat like Gideon Brown (live) - Great Big Sea
5. The family and the fishing net (live) - Peter Gabriel


Megan said...


Mireille Sampson said...

Thank you, I liked that.

M. - whos is jet-lagged and understands that it's going to be the main mind-altering problem over the next three months. Unless I drown it in something else- ha!

Nancy Crozier said...

Thanks for that!