Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mo' money...

I need more money...

Yes, we all need more money. And lord knows I can't really complain about how much I make. I make an amount of money that a verion of myself from three years ago would only fantasize about. The version of me back in my university days would assume rappant inflation was taking place in the new millennium. That would be the only way I could possibly be making that much money.

Still, every now and then I see something. Not something I need, you understand. But something I want. Something I start to pine for, but there's just no way I can justify the cost. I blame my father for this. He installed this annoying sense of being careful with your money that I possess.

So what is it that I'm pining for right now? A new car? TV set? Computer?

Nope. Comic book art. Specifically this art.

I like Phil Foglio's art fine enough. My friend Jaap has been preaching the brillaince that is his comic series Girl Genius to me for years. But the real selling point for me is that this is artwork he did to try and pitch a comic adaptation of Good Omens, one of my top three favourite novels of all time (I couldn't even tell you what the other two novels were, I just know that Good Omens is there, whatever the other ones might be). So this is artwork for a series that will be never be published of one of my favourite books by a great artist. And it looks fantastic. He gets the characters just right. Adapting from novels to comic books can be hard, but it looks like they were on the right track.

Just as a kicker, the money from the sale will go to the Alzheimer's Research Trust. Good Omen's co-author Terry Prachett has been diagnosed with the disease.

So I could buy cool artwork for a good cause. I like that. Several of the sketches I got at the New York Comic Con in April where from the Hero Initiative booth, which helps elderly comic professional in financial trouble.

The problem? It's one thing to pay $40 for a sketch. The artwork is at $1000 and there's still five days left in the auction. It's easily going to top $2,000 before it's all said and done.

I need more money...

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colette said...

Phil Foglio did some truly funny stuff when he was heavily associated with the early Star Trek conventions (by early, I mean mid-70's). Something is telling me he also has a SCA association. I like his work.

Terri Lynn said...

haha, Uncle Rex certainly is known for being sort of miserly with his money. I just hope that along with that "annoying sense of being careful with your money" he also imparted onto you the importance of experiencing some worthwhile things, as opposed to amassing possessions. And considering the trips you've taken and are taking soon I'd say that point came across pretty clear.