Monday, June 30, 2008

Rome, Day 1

First day of Rome done with mimimum aches and surprisingly little bloodshed. After the last post, we promply passed our for four hours. Neither one of us got a lot of sleep on board of the planes. So it has been a long day, plus the heat shock of landing in Rome when it's about 35C. The four hours and a shower both did us the world of good.

We decided to take it fairly easy for the first day. No tours or death marches and we didn't stray that far away from home base. We have a room near the Colosseum, so we walked around the outside of that (we'll do a proper tour in a couple of days) and the surrounding grouns in the Palatino. We also went to the Tevere river, watched a wedding get out from a church ate some gelatto (the first of many, one suspects) and had some pretty decent pizza.

So I'd call that a pretty decent first day. We going to try and get to bed early this evening. We have to get up early tomorrow to see the pope, and you know how grumpy he gets when we're late.

More updates as interesting things happen.

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