Monday, June 09, 2008

Running for Alumni

Memorial University of Newfoundland has election every three years for six positions on its Board of Regents. These are positions that are available by election through Alumni Affairs. Basically, if you're an alumni of the university, you get to elect six people to represent you on the Board. And the Board of Regents is the big deal organization at the university. It makes all the important decisions.

And why would I want to be on it? Because they've made no end of decisions over the years that have pissed me off. The most recent was that hideous new logo and dropping "of Newfoundland" from most of the documents, clothing and anything to do with the university. I strongly disagree with that

It's only one vote. And even with six votes, the government appointed board members far outvote people who can be elected. So maybe it's a purely a symbolic vote. But it's something I'm interested in.

I tried running once before, back in 2005. I ran and so did Dups. He fared much better than I did. I think Dups finished 10th in the race. I finished 21st or something (out of 30). I was mildly annoyed. Not at where I finished, but that I was going to do a series of columns at the Express about how I was running and have some fun with it. However, it got vetoed at the last minute. Literally. I think I have the column somewhere with me announcing I as going to run. Which was annoying.

Anyway, there are new elections coming up. The deadline is the end of this month and I'm thinking of running again. This time, however, I don't have that problem. Granted, this blog has considerably less readership than my old paper, but fewer editors. So if I decide to run again, I can be as big a whore as I want here, and on Facebook, for that matter. I just have to decide if I'm going to run again. I have to check and see what the rules are for Board members who live outside of Newfoundland.

I have to see how it would work. Obvious not all that cheap to fly home for meetings several times a year.

Still, it's tempting. I'l let you all know when I decide in the next week or so.

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KP said...

The cost is not a problem...Mun pays for your flights, accomondations far as I can remember anyway.

Let me know if you run! I would vote for you!