Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It is, of course, absolutely wrong to judge a large group of people based on the behaviour of a small group of people. It's a lesson Canadians probably should remember a bit more often. There's been a lot of anti-Americanism in this country over the past five to six years. And yes, I understand intensely disliking President Bush and being frustrated that a majority of Americans wanted him as their leader. But is also important to remember that a very sizeable minority wanted nothing to do with him.

It's something I always try and remember whenever I see something that infuriates me. I mean, when you see something like this you just have to constantly remind yourself, "Not all Republicans are racist assholes. Not all Republicans are racist assholes."

I mean, I had to chant that for about five minutes before the urge to find a random Republican and throttle him or her passed. The people who sell these button and the ones who buy them and wear them proudly are not representative of all Republicans. They're not.

But the fact that there are people affiliated with that party who don't smack the crap out of people who wear them....that depresses me a bit.

And that this is only the beginning. It's only June. It will get worse, unfortunately. Well, best not to dwell on that whatsoever right now....

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Way Way Up said...

Wow! That's really disgusting. Just when you think political discourse in the US can't sink any lower.....yeesh!

On an unrelated note....enjoy Italy. I'll be sure to follow up on your blog when I am able to over the summer. I'll be just across the hills there in Switzerland before heading off to the land of paprika and goulash.

Jason Hickman said...

At 1st I couldn't believe that any branch of the Repub's would be associated with this crap. But then I read the story you linked to and .... wow. That's all I can say.

I mean, I'm probably one of the 3% of Canadians who *wouldn't* vote for Obama if I had a ballot this fall, and I'm pretty disgusted by that. The organizers of that convention need a smack upside the head for letting that thing get put up for sale.