Friday, June 27, 2008


No matter how well prepared you think you are for the moring of a big trip, it never fails that things crop up. Work has been nuts, as I try to get things as cleared up as possible before I go. Cathy had a small crisis at work to deal with. We check in three hours early, just in case, only to have the airline tell us they already have two dogs checked in, which is their maximum, so there's no room for Boo.

Cathy straightened them out. She's a teacher on the edge of her vacation. Airlines do not have the strength of will to mess with such a force of nature.

And I just got screwed for more than $20 by Canada Post to get them to not deliver our mail for three week. Jesus Christ. "Hey, could you not deliver our mail for three weeks? Sure, that'll be $21."

What the fuck?


Right, so we're off into the wild blue yonder shortly. We're not taking a laptop with us this time, which means updates to this blog will be intermittent at best. Maybe something for Ottawa to let everyone know Boo made it back to St. John's safe and sound. And perhaps something from Italy if we can find an internet cafe. But that's about it.

So you all have a fun July, swing back on occasion to check for updates and we'll see you all on the other side of Italy...

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