Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie malaise....

So, I'm having movie issues. Which I know gets me no sympathy at all from people in other parts of Nunavut who don't have a movie theatre. But I've been kind of frustrated the last couple of weeks. We got Iron Man quickly, which was good. But after that, a series of uninteresting movies (to me) and delays means I haven't seen a movie in ages. The latest Indiana Jones still hasn't opened in Iqaluit. The Incredible Hulk is opening tomorrow, which is a touch frustrating. I'd like to see it, but well, hard to complain about that when we're flying to Ottawa as a pitstop on our way to Italy.

And yes, I could see movies while in Ottawa this weekend, but we need to spend some time getting some last minute things, plus we're driving to Petawawa to see a friend. So the odds of me seeing anything while there is slim. And I'm glad that we're going to be doing fun stuff during our time in Ottawa, but it would be nice to see WALL-E and Wanted (which looks like tremendously stupid fun, or it did when I saw a seven minute preview in New York back in April), but it's not looking likely.

And when we come back, those movies will still be kicking around, plus Hellboy II and the new Batman will have opened. And the Batman flick is already getting tremendous advanced reviews, which is only making me more eager to see it. And hey, some of it is being shot in IMAX format and wouldn't you know it, Ottawa has an IMAX theatre....

I know, this is a touch whinny. But I love movies. After all, I used to review them in a previous life. And the chance to go to a nice theatre, with a big screen, good sound, nice treats....I miss those things. And Batman, WALL-E, Indiana Jones, Hellboy and the Hulk are all movies I've been looking forward to seeing. At best I'm likely to see them on the theatre screen here. Most likely I'll see it on DVD. That's nice and all, but a touch disappointing when compared to the alternative.

Listen to me, complaining about movies I might miss when I'm going to be spending time in Rome, Venice and Florence. I can always find something to bitch about. It's a gift, kids...

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Geoff Meeker said...

I'm glad you wrote that last sentence. Otherwise, I'd have been compelled to say the same, perhaps in more trenchant language... :)