Monday, June 30, 2008

Alive and in Rome

So we made it to Rome unscathed. And no, I didn't immediately run out and find an internet cafe...the place we're stayin at in Rome not only has free internet, it has computers you can use in your room. Spiffy. It's small, but clean, there is air conditioning and we're near the Colessium. So we're pretty happy.

Only one hiccup to speak of on our journey over. Despite our best efforts to avoid Air Canada, apparently the airline was not to be denied. Our flight to Newark was cancelled, meaning there was no way to make our connection. That meant we were now flying Air Canada to Frankfurt and Luthensia to Rome. Kind of annoying, but on the upside, we got airmiles and we didn't pay the silly money Air Canada was asking if we had booked with them from the start. Plus, we arrived in Rome about 4 hours earlier than planned. So as mistakes go, it was a pretty good one.

Currently sitting in room, relaxing. Will get shower soon and perhaps a quick nap before venturing forth into the city. A pretty good start so far...

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Edward G. Hollett said...


Maybe you should check out RyanAir.
Apparently first class is quite something on its long haul to North America.