Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's day

I've said this before, but it's probably worth reiterating again...I love father's day. I think it's a great day and worth celebrating. I probably don't talk to my dad enough, but that's always the way its been with us. We go a couple of weeks without talking...Cathy bugs me to give him a call. I say I'm waiting for him to call me. When I finally break down and do give him a shout, he inevitably says he's been meaning to give me a call the past week, but has kept forgetting. Then we'll talk for an hour.

This confuses Cathy, but hey, fathers and sons. We have our own way of doing things.

Things are going well with my father. He's turning 60 this year and is still working. He like his job. He could have retired years ago with a full and nice pension, but just won't do it. He was going to do it last year, then changed his mind. He was going to do it this year, and appears to have changed his mind again. He'll do it at some point. I keep telling him he should retire and start a dog breeding service. He loves dogs, wants to keep getting some exercise. I think breeding golden retrievers would give him plenty of exercise.

But hey, he'll do whatever he wants.

But the one thing that annoys me about father's day, and I've said this before, is how crappy the cards are. You can get all kinds of wonderful cards for mother's day. I normally go for the funny ones, but certainly if you're the type that goes for touching, there's no lacking of cards to tell you mom how wonderful she is. But for father's, the choices are golf jokes, handyman jokes and, of course, acres and acres of fart joke cards.

It's depressing as hell. Trying to find a funny father's day card that isn't half-disgusting is a long, hard search, let me tell you. And it's worse trying to find one up here. I ended up sending dad a card with some Cape Dorset artwork on it and put in a personal note. Maybe not the same, maybe not ideal, but certainly better than wasting money on a fart card, for the love of God.

So Hallmark and whatnot, try and do a better job, okay?

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna side with Cathy on this one. You should talk to your father more often.One of these days you wont have the chance. My dad passed away in August so this is my first Father`s day without him and let me tell ya it sucks.

colette said...

(Shall I put on my Miss Manners hat?) Miss Manners would feel faint. A notecard with a hand-written personal note is exactly what the well-mannered son sends and to think that he should apologize for that or somehow feel it is inadequate is inexplicable and sad. Cards with pre-printed sentiments are second-best. (End Miss Manners mode. And my apologies that I can't even begin to write as amusingly as she does)