Thursday, December 06, 2007

Which geek are you?

Scott Johnson created this poster, which I think is pretty funny. You can actually order it for the geek in your life if you want. I'm still trying to decide which geek I am. I'm sure Cathy will let me know once she sees the poster. I think I'm a combination Apple/comics/photo/TV geek.

Last Five
1. 15 Step - Radiohead
2. Mutiny, I promise you - The New Pornographers
3. Neighbourhood #2 - The Arcade Fire
4. Beyond the horizon - Bob Dylan
5. Grace, too - The Tragically Hip*


nin said...

As a reformed Ren Faire Gook, I thought I was in the clear... until I saw the Engineer Geek.


KOTN said...

I wish I was the Tron geek.... what an outfit.