Thursday, December 06, 2007

Law & Order & Batman

I already have too many t-shirts. Or so I have been told. And I definitely have way too many geeky/weird t-shirts. And really, there does come a point where perhaps, just perhaps, 37-year-old men shouldn't be wearing comic book related t-shirts. Sad, but true.

Still, this t-shirt found on Threadless amused me a lot. Although I do agree with one commentator on another site who said it should have "Batman: Year One" underneath the image. But I suspect DC's copyright cops would be all over that one.

Still, my favourite one is the one below. I can't even find the site that sells the t-shirt. Just this blog (and Valerie's blog is worth reading if you like comic books at all) that put up the image.

It's pretty funny stuff. Even Cathy laughed at it, and she's not exactly the world's biggest comic book fan.


nadinebc said...

Ever been to ?

AnDrew Cook said...

It is his work. The b&w bit with the text though- I think that was an internet spin that he didn't sign off on.