Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just say no

I had another post in mind this evening. One on how long people last up north, job security and the impact that a wobbily economy might have on these decisions. And I'll likely write it tomorrow or Thursday.

But instead I read this story. Quite by accident since obviously I wouldn't care about Hannah Montana. And that's fine. I'm not the demographic that should care about that type of performer. And I rarely listen to the radio anymore. I'm perfectly content to listen to my iPod.

But then I read the story and felt the urge to smack someone. The problem is, I don't know who I want to smack more. Do I want to smack whinny kids demanding tickets to a sub-standard pop star that odds are no one will remember in five years? Cathy is telling me that I shouldn't, pointing out that she didn't really understand why she couldn't have the Cabbage Patch doll she wanted when she was a kid. She wasn't really grasping the concept of money and scarcity. Many of these kids probably don't either.

Fair point, I guess.

So my initial reaction of wanting to smack the crap out of the parents was pretty much right on the mark. If you're an average parent, not a rich one, but just an average one, and you're thinking about $1,200 a ticket on this show because your kids are whining and demanding tickets then you're an idiot. I understanding not wanting to disappoint your kids, but you know what, at some point you're going to. So why not start now by depriving them of $1,200 tickets.

Cathy, who is obviously far wiser in the way of dealing with children than I am, and is used to disappointing kids unrealistic desires on a regular basis, says this is when you have The Talk with them. About how you can't always have what you want. That you have to be realistic in what you ask for. And if they kick up a racket, then you discipline them

But you do not cave in and buy them $1,200 tickets. That's insane. You're insane. And I take some comfort that in the comments section of the story most people are agreeing with me.

I don't know much about kids, but I know that much.

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Aida said...

holy cow, parents who worry about not getting tickets for the show or buying the tickets for the show are INSANE. this reminds me of "Hillary Duff aka Lizzie Mcguire", she was huge at one point and then that was it and now its this Cyrus girl, its ridiculous

Way Way Up said...

I know most of the girls that would probably listen to this type of "music" are pretty young but I wish they would use their brains and realize that this is all just canned entertainment, pre-packaged for mass consumption, which is pretty sad I think. Better to turn your brain off, seek mindless, instant gratification and not ask critical questions about wants and needs, or even artistic taste, I suppose. Ah the wisdom of today's generation.

towniebastard said...

I would agree with you on the young girls knowing better about pre-packaged music, if I hadn't already read a story about adults paying more than $1,000 for a ticket to see the Spice Girls...;)