Sunday, December 09, 2007


You know, sometimes all it takes to make me happy is a Peter David Star Trek novel. I don't read many Trek novels because they're far to hit and miss for me. But I always give David's books a chance, because he's a damn clever writer, always finds a way to inject a bit of humour into things and manages to break out some good ideas. I get one of his Trek books and I'm lucky if I can make it last 24 hours.

The latest one, "Before Dishonor" had, among other thing, The Enterprise, Picard and Crusher sleeping together, Seven of Nine, Janeway, a Q, Spock and a scary update of the Borg. Also toss in for good measure The Doomsday Machine from the original Trek series and from a book David wrote probably about 15 years ago called "Vendetta", which remains probably his best Trek novel.

I don't pretend this is a great work of literature. It's not. But it's still a hell of a lot of fun and pretty much exactly what I was in the mood for. And hey, a major Trek character was killed. I'm not saying which one, and there's certainly a loophole to bring that character back, but it was still interesting to see that character bite the dust.

I'm not saying rush out and pick up the book. Unless you're a bit of a diehard Trek fan, you're probably going to be hard pressed to figure out what's going on at various stages. But since I have a fondness for Trek, even when the series was stinking up the joint, it was a nice read for me.

Anyway, Cathy will be happy that I will now come back up for air. All I've been doing since I got the book in the mail yesterday has been reading it. Now I can get back to vacation planning and last minute details.

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