Saturday, December 15, 2007

Early Christmas

So today was Christmas, of sorts, at the chateau. Since we're heading south on Wednesday, we had a decision to make about our Christmas gifts. Our parents kindly gave us a nice few gifts this year, so we were left with three options. The first was to take them with us and open them on the cruise ship on Christmas morning. The problem with that is you want to travel as light as possible when you leave the north. Odds are you going to pick up a nice bit of stuff while you're out, taking advantage of the cheaper prices. So unless it's crucial for the vacation, you don't want to take it with you. While we got some great stuff, we really didn't need to take movies down south with us.

Option #2 was to leave the gifts wrapped and we would open them when we came back in January. The problem with that one is there might be things you end up buying twice by accident, or that you might want to buy, but can't be sure the parents haven't already gotten it for you.

So we went for option #3 - early Christmas morning. We decorated one of the larger plants with lights, cooked a turkey, then sat down and opened our gifts. It was nice. Perhaps not as nice as being able to do it on the 25th, but still pretty nice. And hey, we'll still do something nice on the cruise ship as well. I'm kind of curious to see what Christmas will be like on the ship. More than a little surreal, I suspect.

We leave on Wednesday. Cathy is already doing laundry and do pre-packing. Because that's who she is. If it were me, I'd probably start to think about doing some laundry Tuesday evening. Then again, she was always better organized than me.

Anyway, here's hoping we make it to Wednesday without going mad waiting for vacation to start and that the weather is clear and fine all the way to Florida.

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2. Rock and roll star - Oasis
3. The dope - Dandy Warhols
4. My favourite things - John Coltrane*
5. I am waiting - Lindsey Buckingham

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