Friday, December 21, 2007

Florida death march

Cathy and I never mean to do death marches. Every vacation we saw to each other, "Now, no death march. We take our time and don't try to cram too much into a single day."

And yet...

So yeah, we accidentally did a death march today. First, we hit Universal studios. We ended up getting the two parks/one day pass, which left a lot of ground to cover. One the upside we had three things going for us. First, the weather was perfect...about 24C all day long with a bit of a breeze. Secondly, crowds were light. I'm not saying the park was abandoned, but it's about as easy a time we had moving around an amusement park in my life. Also helping with getting the Expresspass, which allowed us to blow past much of the lining up.

We liked Islands of Adventure, we didn't care much for Universal Studios. The later seemed to be too much focussed on stores and gift shops and not enough on rides. The Mummy Returns was fun, so was MiB: Aliens Attack. The rest...not so much. Especially Twister, which was incredible boring. There's a ride that needs to be retired badly. Shrek and Terminator were also a bit disappointing.

But Islands of Adventure was a lot of fun. Some really nice roller coasters (although The Hulk might have been a bit much for the first one of the morning) and the Dr. Seuss land was vastly amusing. We like that one a lot.

And after bouncing around two amusement parks, what do we do but some more shopping? We're insane. But hey, you get out of Nunavut, and there are all these bright and sparkly stores. It's irresistible. We're such consumer whores.

Tomorrow, Disney. And maybe more shopping. Oh, and a comic book store.

Oh, and at some point I must tell you all about our wonderful little gadget that has made our life in Florida much easier. We call her "the nagging bitch." But her heart is in the right place.

Right, off to soak tired feet and away to bed.

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