Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The waiting game

Apparently we're at the age when you're supposed to have babies. Much to the occasional frustration of our parents, we're in no rush to produce an actual human offspring. Instead, we keep adopting substitute babies.

I believe you've met Cathy's baby. Here's a reminder.

OK, not one of his cuter moments, but they can't all be cute. Plus, we're still reeling from how big of a nuisance he was last night. Seriously, you could have had him for fresh fruit last night.

My babies tend to run more to the....non-living side. I order my baby last Friday. Here she is:

A 15" MacBook Pro, with 2 gigs of RAM, a 200 gig Hard Drive and I bought Aperture, a photo management program to go along with it. It is very pretty and I can't wait to get my hands a hold of it. My little iBook has served me well the past three years, but even when I bought it she was a low end laptop from Apple. This is one of their high end laptops and ought to serve me quite well for years to come.

Now I get to play the stalking game. Little did I know when I ordered it that it was going to ship from Shanghai, China. I have friends living in Shanghai, so that's weird. They can pop down to the Apple factory and pick one fresh off the line if they want.

So now I'm watching the tracking information to see where my baby is. Right now, it's somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Apple is telling me that I should have it by Monday, November 5. We shall see about that. Courier companies operate weirdly when it comes to getting things up north. The computer is being shipped through UPS, which I pretty certain has no office in Iqaluit. That means either Arctic Express (God help us all) or First Air will be handling its arrival in Iqaluit.

If I get it before November 9, I'll be happy and pleasantly surprised. But regardless, I want it soon. I want to play with my baby.


Brian said...

We brought our granddaughter a MacBook a month ago, lucky for her she is at flying school in Ont. So the package arrived when they said it would. It was interesting to track its journey, especially the Alaska bit.
Had a laugh when GD e mailed and asked, what’s my computer doing in Alaska? Good learning curve.
Good luck with the delivery.

Anonymous said...

If it is being shipped UPS, I would call Arctic Express as soon as you see that it has arrived in Iqaluit (daily if you have to).

I ordered something that was shipped FedEx. It went through Canada Post for some reason (I called FedEx and they told me it went through Canada Post). Three days after it arrived (according to what I saw online), I still hadn't received one of those parcel cards. So I asked at the counter and they went to get it out back.

I'm a new mom (of a real baby)! It's hard work but oh so worth it!

towniebastard said...

I've never had a problem with Canada Post, but man I've heard horror stories about how Arctic Express deals with courier companies. As soon as the online site says its in Ottawa or Montreal, whoever is in charge of getting it up here will be getting regular phone calls. I'm not having it sit down there for a week or more, which has been known to happen.

And Brian, Alaska is where the computer apparently clears customs. I don't know why if it's coming into Canada it would go through Alaska, but then again, I was a little surprised to discover my computer was coming from China and not a warehouse somewhere in Toronto.

Clare said...

Ah, I want one. Actually I want the 17 inch, to replace my 17 Powerbook with the defunct display. I'm using it right now, with a monitor though it is just another desktop now.

Leah's MacBook just arrived this week. It's sweet, but I can't have it.

Jen said...

I know what you mean about "babies"! Mine our my Macbook pro, dog, cat, but I have to add my camera to that list as well.

towniebastard said...

Not sure I would add my camera to the list of "my babies". If I had to add another, it would probably be the obscene number of graphic novels I have.

And Claire, maybe you should just get a straight iMac rather than one of the MacBooks if you have a table to set it up on.

Also, feel free to abuse the educational discount. When I placed the order I used it. Now, I have a wife who is a teacher and I mentioned her school, but that's about as much verification as they did. So it's an easy way to save a couple of hundred dollars. Just know the name of the local school.