Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The return of Boo

By popular demand, here are some new pictures of Boo. For those of you new to the blog, Boo is a Coton de Tulear. He's also about 17 months old and while out of his puppy stage is still a fairly large imp.

The pictures taken were from tonight and Saturday. If he looks soggy in some of them, it was because he had just taken a bath. One of these days I must try and shoot some video of what he's like after he gets his bath. Surely the neighbours must know when it happens, because he runs around like a maniac for 15 minutes and doesn't stop barking.

Anyway, the main attraction.

Cheezie Thief.

Checking out the main drag.

Throw the damn fish already.

Apparently, my attempt to hide so you can't photograph me has failed.

Why yes, I am stunning.

Nap time.


Kara and Matt said...

Boo is looking great!

Jen said...

Soo cute! I love the picture with the fish stuffed animal, it's so full of character!

colette said...

I'm so glad Boo worked out for you guys. Have you apologized to him yet for calling him a rat when he was tiny?

Sheena said...

I am a cat person, but that dog is too damned cute for words.