Monday, October 08, 2007

Sloth Day

Cathy and I spent some time today discussing the need to create a new stat holiday. Actually, we believe in the creation of about six more new stat holidays. And we believe they should be called Sloth Days. Yes, that's not very politically correct. I believe Ontario wants to create something called Family Day or some such thing so that February gets a holiday.

But the hell with it, call it what it really is. Sloth. Lazing around and doing nothing. In fact, on Sloth Days it should be mandatory that you stay around your house and do nothing. The only way you should leave you house is to go to someone else's and do nothing or go to a beach or park.

In case you haven't guessed it, today was Sloth Day for us. We cooked up the turkey yesterday pretty much so that today we would do nothing other than laze around the apartment and eat leftovers. We watched a couple of movies. We read books. The only time we went outside was to return the movies and walk Boo. I played with the site design a bit (if you're a northern blogger and wondering why I haven't linked to you, blame Blogger. It's doing something weird that will only allow me to link to 15 sites). It was an exceptionally lazy day and I truly regret it has to end in a few short hours.

It was such a lazy weekend that I didn't even do that much writing on the book. I'm feeling bad about that, but part of it is laziness and part of it is arguing with one the characters in my head. She doesn't want to be a crazy redhead. However, as most redheads I've met tend to be a, she's going to have to deal. It is, however, slowing the creative process.

One last thing, as today isn't officially Sloth Day, but actually Thanksgiving, I figure I should list what I'm thankful for. But this thought occurs to me - if I were asked what I needed right now in my life, there's nothing I can really think of. Oh sure, there are things I'd like to have or want. But there's nothing I need. And I think that's quite the extraordinary thing to have at this point in my life. And certainly something to be thankful for.

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