Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two random things

You can get weird searches coming through a blog sometimes. For example, I still get hits for people looking for a specific pron site because I once typed in two fair innocent words. I won't say what they are because I'm really not looking for that kind of traffic. But let's say every time I check Statcounter there's always weird result listed there.

But the best in recent days was someone typing into Google looking for "Me and You and a God Named Boo." Which I think is pretty damn funny considering I'm sure our little furball probably thinks he should be a god. Or at least worshipped and treated like one.

Oddly enough, when you actually do that search most of the results are for the actual song, but there is one for that spelling. It's for a song supposedly song that charted in Switzerland. However, I'm pretty sure that has to be a typo as well.

By the way, I'll try and take some pictures of Boo over the weekend and provide his fans with an update.

My other oddity is this story. Now, for you reporters out there who read this blog, and I know there are a few of you, there is an important thing you should know. If you ever find yourself doing a story about comic books and you used this headline or some variant, or you use it as your lede (this is actually a wire story, so the headline was the lede in other places) anybody who collects comics can legally beat you up. That might not be a scary prospect, but there are a lot of us out there and we can sneak up on you when you're not expecting it.

This story is the dream if you've ever collected comics long enough. You somehow magically stumble across Detective #27 or Action #1, both of which are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lord know when I was growing up I'd always run into someone around the bay who would claim to have had some ultra rare comic when they were growing up or who had a relative who might still have them in a basement or attic somewhere.

Never panned out, of course. Never stopped me from looking, though. When I was younger I used to hit used book stores and garage sales looking for comics that people thought were worthless. Found some pretty cool stuff over the years too. But alas, nothing worth six figures. I think the best I ever did was buy a copy of Spider-Man #300 for 50 cents and resold it a week later for $50. Oh, and I bought some comics off a guy who, in retrospect, was probably selling them to buy drugs. What I bought for $80 I later resold for close to $1,000.

Comics are a ruthless business, folks. There used to be a small group of us in St. John's about 15 years ago constantly on the prowl for deals like this. We called ourselves Mercs.

Cathy asked me this evening if I had any $100,000 comics stashed around. Alas, no. I have maybe a dozen or so worth a couple of hundred dollars. Which isn't bad. But I do still dream of going into an attic one day, moving a few boxes and finding that magic comic.

In the meantime, please don't use "Holy -----, Batman!" in any story you write. Thank you...


Kate Nova said...

I have marked your wise words, though I understand how strong the temptation can be.

towniebastard said...

You should also avoid using the words "Bang!, "Biff! or "Pow!" in any story on comic books. Also the sentence, "Comic books just aren't for kids anymore."

Always glad to be of service.

Sheena said...

Almost looks like a John Gushue headline to me. And forgive me, but, I like it.