Monday, October 15, 2007

Hi-yo silver...

Well, this is a mildly depressing story. It seems that silver remains the most popular car colour. However, it's the colour I hate the most in a car. I think I might actually prefer white over it.

I'm not sure what it is specifically about silver that sets me off. It just feels like such a personality free colour to have in a car. And yet, people choose it. They specifically demand it. If you believe the article, the reasons for it are:

U.S. market forecaster Bob Prechter believes silver suits our "social mood," a culture enamoured of technology and cool, high-tech gadgetry. They like the chic minimalist colour because it's futuristic and space-age, he says. He also suspects that silver – as a commodity, currently trading vigorously on the stock market – is perceived as a colour that reflects money, success and prestige.

Which, to be honest, sounds like a load of bullshit to me. Getting a silver car because you're lazy sounds about right, though.

When we go down south we've rent cars several times. The last three times I've made two specific requests. The first is I don't want a Hyundai Accent. I drive one of those when I'm in town. When I'm on vacation, I want to drive something new. The other request is that I don't want a silver car.

So when we were in Ottawa back in Easter we drove some generic Mazda. Last Christmas back in St. John's we drove a pick-up (which I felt retarded driving, but hey, they gave it to us for the same price as the sub-compact we booked). And last year in California we got a Mustang convertible.

The one thing all those vehicles have in common is that despite my request they were all silver. The Mustang convertible was especially terrible. It's a fun, sporty car. It should only come in fun, sporty colours. Silver is not that colour. Ford should not even make Mustangs in that colour. I don't know what it is about rental agencies, but trying to get a non-silver car is nearly impossible.

I pray we can get something with a real colour and personality when we go to Florida over Christmas, but I'm not optimistic.

In the meantime, here's my idea of a fun car with some personality and a real colour.


dups said...

Sniff. You don't like my silver car. Every morning I go down to the garage and bask in its prestigious glory. Why must you mock me Craig? Why?

Jamie B said...

Hey! I Have a silver car! And buying it had nothing to do with any social or psychological quirk or need to project false images of being fabulously rich. I'm in Newfoundland - silver's the easiest one to keep clean of salt and muck!

towniebastard said...

You car hates you, Dups. It is a lovely car, and yet it weeps, trapped in its silverness. Why can you not hear its cries of pain, Dups. Do you not love your car enough to set it free? It yearns to have a real colour, and yet you mock and ignore its anguished cries by leaving it silver.

I weep for you car, Dups. I truly do.

Dooner said...

Worst car colours:
1.) White. It shows all its dirt. It ages poorly. It should be banned on all cars for all eternity.
2.) Beige or Gold. Screams "driven by a senior citizen." At least silver is the natural colour of a car (well, the parts that aren't plastic, anyway) - no cars should pretend to be gold.