Thursday, October 04, 2007


I had a couple of different things I was going to write about this evening. I had a couple of reviews of news shows (Pushing Daisies and Private Practice) or some sanity saving tips for surviving your first winter in the north. However, my brain is now a softer grade of mush. I sat down this evening to write another section of the book (now at 75,000 words) and entered some kind of strange zone. I came out of it about 90 minutes later and was just zonked.

But I did manage to write several thousand words during that stretch. Which is good. But I'm pretty much done writing for the evening.

So in lieu of snappy reviews or useful advice I give you a meaningless prediction. The Newfoundland election is only a few days a way. Who is going to win is a foregone conclusion. All that matters now is the seat count.

So this is my prediction: 40 PCs, 5 Liberals, 2 NDP. The NDP will take Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi and Lab West. The Liberals will take the other three seats in Labrador and two somewhere on the island. No idea which ones, but they might be able to scrounge up two. I wonder which would be crueler for Gerry Reid? Winning his seat or losing it?

Anyway, I guess we will see. Feel free to make your prediction in the comments section.


Jackie S said...

I can't believe I missed pushing daisies. I meant to watch that.

Did I miss anything promising... or just stupid?

Anonymous said...

Hey - Have you caught Cane yet? I'd be interested to see what you think.