Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not dead yet

Yes, I'm still alive.

Part of it was still not feeling 100%. Part of it was just needing a bit of a break from writing to try and recharge the batteries. Rather than feeling like writing was a chore I took a break for a few days and hoped some kind of drive would kick in that would make me antsy to get back at it. There's always a risk with that kind of thinking. That it becomes kind of relaxing not racking your brains trying to figure out how to write something.

But I'm starting to feel something stirring again. This is a relatively short post this evening, just to let people know I'm alive. But I have stuff already in mind for the next couple of days. And I'm kind of anxious to get back at the book. So that's good.

So am I still sick from last Tuesday? No, this is more the self-inflicted kind. Friday and Saturday was the start of the curling season and this was the opening bonspeiel. The first one is always the hardest. The muscles are not used to working after the summer off and they're letting me know it today. So I'm in considerable pain.

On the upside, I won the bonspiel, although considering how badly I played in the last game I have no idea how. I didn't make a shot until the fifth end. First thing I've won curling as a skip since Grade 12. So I am now the proud owner of a $75 gift certificate from Arctic Ventures.

Not quite worth the level of pain I'm in today, but hey, it does feels nice to win for a change.

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