Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why not a little romance?

I'm a sap for Valentine's Day. Have been for years. Friends of mine can recollect horror stories of things I've done on Valentine's Day, although I think the kicker was probably the year I was in South Korea (come to think of it, that would be exactly 10 years ago. Huh. Time flies) when I sent a dozen roses to my mom and a dozen roses to my friends Tiffany and Andrea. Why? Because I wanted to.

I think if you spend as many years single as I did after the age of 13 (that being most of them until I met Cathy) you can have two reactions to Valentine's Day. Most people get bitter and depressed about it. And really, I spent most of the rest of the year that way. But one day a year I decided to go the opposite and try and look at the positive side of romance. I never stalked anybody, I just tried to do something fun and romantic for some of the female friends in my life and, for the most part, I think they appreciate it. Although it probably also confused the hell out of them.

I also know there are no shortage of articles and blog posts bitching about Valentine's Day. How it's mere crass commercialization designed to guilt saps into spending money on flowers, candy and other trinkets. And bah humbug to the whole day.

Look, every major event day in the calendar is crass commercialization these day if you're an adult. Not one of them is free of it. And we have so many days in the year that celebrate different things. New Year's is for new starts (and drunkenness). St. Patrick's Day is about drunkenness. Easter is about, hmmmm, I don't know, forgiveness? Spring? Victoria Day is about drunkenness. Canada Day celebrates our country (and more drunkenness). Labour Day celebrates, well, labourers and is a chance for one last blow-out before summer is over. Halloween is about fun and scariness. Remembrance Day is about our veterans and Christmas is about family (and more drunkenness).

So why not one day celebrating romance and love (and probably drunkenness, but how you choose to celebrate the day is up to you)? I don't see any problem with it. Why not be sappy for just one day.

I've actually been a touch remiss the past few years. Getting sloppy, I guess. So I resolved to do better this year. So I got Cathy a dozen Gerber daisies (as a side note, I ordered them about two weeks ago. The florist was so thrilled I ordered them in advance instead of just showing up on the 14th that I thought she was going to hug me). And because I have a new camera to try out, here's a pic.

I also got her some chocolate (chocolate covered raisins, coffee beans and cherries) and a bracelet. So I think I did all right and Cathy certainly seemed to appreciate it. We're going out to dinner tomorrow night to avoid some of the Valentine's Day madness, plus most of the restaurants feature fixed menus with items on it that can kill Cathy.

So I think this Valentine's Day went well. And hope you had a good one as well.


dups said...

Well, I must say I had a great Valentine's Day. I had supper with Mrs. T. (she was my date, heck she even got a carnation from the restaurant)! So crass commercialization or not, ah well :)

(oh and Mrs. T. said to say hi to both of you)


V said...

Cathy is a lucky girl.

bagwatts said...

Let me see, did I read that right? You got two female friends and your mother each a dozen roses for Valentines day while living abroad? You finally get married and all you can send your wife are freakin' daisies? This is so not right man, so not right.

towniebastard said...

Well, let's see...

1. They were a dozen Gerber Daisies in an arrangement plus a vase.
2. Flowers are considerably more expensive in Nunavut that they are pretty much anywhere else in North America. If that's not the most I've spent on flowers in my life, it's close. That includes the time in Korea.
3. I didn't buy her roses because she doesn't like roses. Her favourite flowers are, in fact, Gerber Daisies. I know this because they were the flowers she used in her wedding bouquet.
4. She has thanked me the flowers at least a dozen times in the past 24 hours and has them in a place of prominence in the apartment.

So overall, I think I've done pretty well.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are gorgeous! But I want to know if Dups wore that cowboy hat on his Valentine's Day date.

Anonymous said...

Bagwatts -

You're *so* far off base, it's obvious that you must not know Cathy.

A dozen Gerber Daisies. In the freakin' north - there is probably nothing she would appreciate more right now than a little bit of spring in her home. Not to mention, a) she loves them - even I know that. b) they are *so* much nicer than roses and c) roses - trite.

Well done Craig.

Owen's mom ( who got goodies from Victoria's. Now, who were *they* for, really? lol - actually, quite nice. Hubby did make the mistake of commenting that he didn't get me flowers because apparently, I don't like them - WTF? Where did he get *that* idea? Don't worry - he's been straightened out...)