Sunday, February 25, 2007

Late Oscar picks

I've picked my Oscar winners for years now. Sometimes for money, sometimes for bragging rights and sometimes it was just in The Express. I've ever really kept track of my accuracy rate. I suspect it's nothing spectacular, but I hit more often than I miss.

For whatever reason, I've been late putting up my picks this year. Well, since the Oscars are going to be starting in less than 30 minutes as I type this, I'm doing this really, really late. I just haven't seen many of the nominees this year. The only one of the major films I've seen is The Departed. And it's not that the rest of the movies haven't played here. With the exception of Letters From Iwo Jima, all of them have played here. Dreamgirls and Pan's Labyrinth are playing right now. I guess with the cold we often don't feel that inspired to take in a movie.

So anyway, here are my predictions for 12 of the awards (Really, nobody knows who is going to win Best Costuming or Editing). As always, this is not based on what I think is the best movie, performance, etc. It's based on the hype, advertising money spent and gut feeling.

1. Best Picture - The Departed
2. Best Director- Martin Scorsese
3. Best Actor - Peter O'Toole (my upset pick)
4. Best Actress - Helen Mirren
5. Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Murphy
6. Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson
7. Best Animated Film - Cars
8. Best Foreign Film - Pan's Labyrinth
9. Best Documentary - An Inconvenient Truth
10. Best Adapted Screenplay - The Departed
11. Best Original Screenplay - Pan's Labyrinth
12. Best Original Song - An Inconvenient Truth

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