Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weigh-in, etc

1. Last night's weigh-in was 238 pounds, down one pound from last week. I was hoping to lose more considering how much sweating I did on the weekend, but I did eat quite a bit at the awards banquet. Really, that was one of the better spreads of food I've seen in awhile. Prime rib, chicken Kiev, cod, chicken stir fry, three different kinds of salad, chocolate cake and more. My will power was weak.

I also need to get back to the gym. Hopefully Thursday the weather will hold, and myself and Cathy will both be healthy enough at the same time to go to the gym together. Oh, and the car will keep working. It's asking a lot, but there you go.

2. I hope those of you that like Studio 60 (all 10 of you at this point) liked last night's episode as in all likelihood that was it for the show. Unless the Black Donnellys (the replacement show) tanks. I imagine the rest of the episodes will either be burned off during the summer or will end up on iTunes.

It's hard to pick just one area where the show went wrong. I like the creator, I liked most of the actors and the premise wasn't a bad one. But they've just been flailing about the last half dozen episodes trying to find a director. It's a shot at Hollywood, it's a workplace drama, it's a social commentary on the left and right in America, it's a romantic comedy...none of it stuck and it all started to seem rather desperate.

It's a pity, though. I have a new respect for Matthew Peary after watching Studio 60. Who would have thought that out of the Friends cast, Peary would be the best actor of the bunch. I hope he lands something good after all of this.

3. Three things about Britney Spears because I am apparently desperate for things to write about this evening:
a. All things considered, doesn't K-Fed look like the more sane parent right about now?
b. Who in their right mind would pay a million bucks for this crazy woman's peroxide damaged hair?
c. My favourite joke making the rounds - does this mean the drapes match the carpet now?

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