Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lookin' for love

Many of you who read this blog already know who Dups is. For those of you more fortunate than the rest of us, here's a picture of him.

This is actually one of the more sensible pictures of him that I have.

Anyway, much to his mother's despair, he remains single. Various attempts by his parents have been made to find the right woman for him, but they have failed. Dups own ability to find the love of his life have also been less than successful.

That's why he's now turning to outside help in his quest. He's offered up the challenge to write a personal ad for him, which he will then put up on Lavalife.

I'm currently working on a couple (oh like Dups could be summed up in a mere 2,000 words) which I will send off in the next day or so. But I hardly want to be the only one. After all, the more personal ads he has out there, the better the odds he'll meet the right woman (Or man. There have been rumours). So I encourage you to go and write a personal listing for Dups. Even if you don't know him, feel free to write one for him. Make things up. I certainly intend to.

The first one I have for him is: "Male, breathing, seeks female into the same." It's and oldie but a goodie. I used it myself back in the days I perused Lavalife. And it actually worked. Those women actually saw it as a sign of a sense of humour as opposed to actual desperation.

Whether or not it will work with Dups, I don't know. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't women get suspicious of men still single in their early 30s. Especially of ones who have never been married?

Anyway, go help Dups out. He can use all of it he can.


Tina Chaulk said...

How strange. I was only talking about him last night. A friend and I were out for a beer and munchies after a play at the Hall and the topic of Niall came up which led to you and then to Dups. My friend kind of knew him from MUN, although I only know of him through your blog. Just odd that we were talking about him last night and now you blog about him today.

So don't forget to include in your ad that even women who have never met him, can't stop talking about him.

Jennifer said...

Hey, dups is cute! So he must be really shy - or there's something else to explain why he's still single.

Hadn't visited in about a week - like the new layout!