Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wardrobe malfunction

Cathy is still fighting some kind of bug, which is making her a non-happy person. It also means she has to stick around the apartment because even a short walk tends to tire her out quite a bit. That means she's also going slowly insane. Most people don't handle being sick all that well. I think Cathy handles it worse than most because she was sick quite a bit as a kid.

She also got it into her head that the closet was a mess. Specifically, that my side of the closet was a mess and in dire need of purging. So part of my evening has been spent watching her tear through my clothes and saying things like "this doesn't fit anymore, this is too ratty, I don't know why you bought this, do you really need 15 t-shirts, you never wear this anymore" and other such phrases.

You know, I thought conversations like that only happened on sitcoms. Live and learn.

I'll readily admit that I probably have more clothing right now than I have at any other point in my life. And I dislike getting rid of clothes. I don't know why, just one of those things. The stuff that is currently too small for me I still entertain the fantasy that I will fit into it again some time soon (I went to the gym today, so I'm a good boy, although the Chinese food for supper might have cancelled out the hour-long workout). Or that it just seems like a waste. I spent good money on that clothing, just giving it away feels wrong.

Still, there were quite a few sweaters there I will never wear again, along with t-shirts that have seen better days. And, well, it's still a ways off before I fit into a pair of pants with a 36 waist (i.e. 50 pounds off at least).

So there are three bags of clothing awaiting donation to someone less fortunate. Just as soon as I figure out where that is in town.

And hey, if I see someone in town wearing a Duke of Duckworth t-shirt, at least I'll know it found a good home...

One more thing, a couple more pictures, this time of the ravens inhabiting the ruins of The Snack. The weather is supposed to be warmish tomorrow (around -12) so I might try to get around town, or just outside, and get some more pictures. These are a bit better, but I still have much to learn.

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