Monday, February 05, 2007

We survived

Well, we managed to survive the big blowout last night with no apparent damage. We're not out of it yet, the wind is still howling around 80 clicks or more and the window still sounds like a buzz saw going at full tilt. But it didn't break. And, nearly as important, the cable held until some point last night after we went to bed so I got to see the Super Bowl. And since I was cheering for the Colts, it was a good evening despite the weather.

Things are a bit of a mess around Iqaluit. School was closed, there were power back-outs throughout the city today. I was off work, although I'm not entirely certain I was supposed to be. But there seemed like there was a bit of confusion around town, what with the power problems.

We got hit a few times, but we managed to keep our power most of the time. There were people who lost it 5 p.m. yesterday and are still doing without. The temperature hasn't been too bad, around -5 and even with wind chill it's only dipped down to around -20. Which I appreciate still sounds pretty damn cold and I wouldn't want to be in it without heat. But then again, it could be the -30 or so we were having last week coupled with this wind. Which would have knocked the wind chill down to the -60 range.

And that is pretty fucking cold.

Then again, no matter what the weather, that doesn't mean that kids won't go out and play in it.

Some kids across the street around lunch time. I shot it from the living room window.

By the way, as I'm sure everyone has noticed now, I've changed around the blog a bit. This is pretty much it for the changes, unless anyone has a suggestion for more improvements, this is the way the blog will look for awhile. I'm pleased with it. I'm sure it could be fancier and whatnot, but I think it looks pretty decent.

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I would change the word 'Mascott' if I were you. Just a suggestion.