Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quote of the day

I'm not about to start doing this on a regular basis. John Gushue does a remarkably good job of picking out quotes on his blog every day. But every now and then something jumps out at you that you just feel like sharing to the world.

This one comes from the always reliable Kevin Smith, who interviewed James Callis (Dr. Gauis Baltar on Battlestar Galactica) during last weekend's New York Comic Con.

"James, this season we saw you get into a three-way with Six and Xena, Warrior Princess. If you were also to nail Gillian Anderson, circa '99, that would be the trifecta, right?"

Admittedly you need to be somewhat steeped in geek lore to get all the references there, but I read that and laughed out loud. However, once I stopped laughing I noticed that I was nodding my head, meaning that subconsciously I was agreeing with Smith. That yeah, duh, obviously that would be the trifecta.

Which was entirely too depressing a thought so I went and whacked my head off a wall for a few minutes. Sadly, it didn't help and made my co-workers look at me strangely.

Sigh. Funny quote, though...

Oh, I almost forgot, I stepped on the scales today as I forgot to do it last night. I don't know how, but I'm down about 3.5 pounds to 234.6. So what the hell, I'll take it. It's nice to be heading downwards again after the past few weeks.


His Nibs said...

Good lord. How sad that I would find that so funny...

I've noticed that trifecta has become geek-speak in the past couple of years. It began when a character used the word in an episode of FarScape, I think. Or maybe it was Stargate.

Whatever the case, it's since been used in other shows, and fandom has adopted it because it makes for great shorthand to describe a recurring element or theme of what is often a cliched genre. I've also noticed it migrating to pop culture generally, which may be geekdom making itself known via The Tubes.

colette said...

Waitaminit. From my sample size of late 1990's comic book/sci fi geekdom: I thought the trifecta would be Tasha Yar (or Deanna Troi), Six and Xena.

Scully, while kick-ass and packing a gun, doesn't fit the theme. Mainly because of her lack of skimpy or tight-fitting dress and (generally) lack of visible boobage.

danabear said...

the third isn't scully or troi, it's definitely seven of nine.

towniebastard said...

Weird, I sent an e-mail to Colette earlier saying that exact same thing.

Then again, we're dealing with the sexual preferences of Kevin Smith, so it's probably not something that's best to dwell on.

danabear said...

I take it back. Had a discussion on this at Hava last night, and decided that Xena-Scully-Six is the real deal, as it covers the three sci-fi timeframes (ancient, modern, future). If we're going for outfit correlation, I'd say Troi-Seven-Six, but I think KS was referring to the eras.

I can't believe I both followed up on this, AND chatted about it over coffee last night.. might as well go to town with it and write a Heinlein post on my blog.