Sunday, February 04, 2007

In it now...

Well, they were forecasting a blizzard today and tomorrow and myself and Cathy were mocking it. Not much was happening earlier and given Environment Canada's ability to predict these things, we thought it unlikely to get one.

Which goes to show what happens when you mock the weather up here.

About 90 minutes or so it kicked up. In the space of 10 minutes it went from relatively clear to no visibility and high winds. However, this is presenting us with some challenges.

The lights have already flickered a couple of times, so odds are we're going to lose power at some point. Given that this is Super Bowl Sunday, it will be a sad state of affairs for me. I suspect Cathy will be quite happy. It remains to be seen how quickly this place will lose heat. It was never much of a problem at the 6-story. With all the apartments the place tended to keep warm. Also, we were on the same power grid as the hospital, so on the rare occasion it went, it never stayed out for long.

But the real challenge might come from the window.

Some may recall I mentioned we had one of our windows broken back in October. All of our windows are double-paned and while we complained, nothing was done about it. Other than a condensation problem there wasn't too much of a hassle. This is also the north. Things happen at their own pace. We had pretty much accepted that nothing would be done until May or June.

However, this blizzard is coming from a different direction than other storms. And it is hitting that pane of glass in just the right way. It's currently vibrating like a hummingbird. We've done what we can for the moment - put some tape on the glass in the event that it breaks the glass doesn't go everywhere. We've also put a blanket up in front of it to try and contain any glass.

I hope it holds, but I suspect we'll be burning some luck and karma for that to happen. Needless to say, we'll be talking to the building managers to get something done on Monday or, more likely, Tuesday. We really don't want to go through this again.

Anyway, I suspect the internet is going to go at some point, so I now bid you all adieu and will let you know how we toughed out the night...

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