Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Radioactive what?

That I read too many comics is pretty much a given. Cathy is already living in terror of the bookshelf dedicated to comics in the apartment. It's quickly running out of room (and will take a serious dent if I cave and buy the Fantastic Four Omnibus volume I'm looking at) and besides, she never got the whole comic book thing anyway.

But nearly as bad is that I still read comic book related sites. It's my way of compensating since I can't get my weekly fix of comics, I just read the sites and some message boards and there and that keeps me sated until my next fix of graphic novels come in (likely not to happen now until around Easter. I'll have the shakes
by mid-March).

Anyway, the comic world is currently having a small embolism over a mini-series called Spider-Man: Reign, also derisively known as The Dark Spider-Man Returns. Here's probably the best review of the latest issue, although you have to scroll down a bit to read it. I should warn you, the review is rather...explicit.

There is also a fairly obscene, but also obscenely funny, thread on
the Warren Ellis board. Again, not for those who perhaps want to deal with descriptions of Spider-Man's sex life.

It's basically about how Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane, dies in this (alternate reality) series. And that's apparently because, bub, blood is the only thing radioactive about Spider-Man. This isn't the only time that people have written weird things about sex and super-heroes. There is, of course, the legendary Larry Niven story, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. But at least that was done tongue in cheek. By all accounts, the writer is actually trying to be serious, but only managed to come up with seriously bad.

What's even more strange is that Spider-Man 3 is coming in a few months, quite possibly the biggest movie of the year. I don't really know why you tell a story like that now. But hey, what do I know, I only read comics, although I think I might give a pass on this series.

Anyway, enjoy your dose of geeky and highly disturbing right in time for Valentine's Day

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