Saturday, February 17, 2007

Curling, day 2

A mostly good day on the curling front. We won our two games by convincing scores of 7-1 and 11-1. The way the bonspiel is broken down is that six teams make the playoffs, with the top two getting a bye into semi-final. As it turns out three teams finished 3-0. The next tie breaker was the number of points allowed (as opposed to points scored which prevents people from running up the score). One team allowed only seven points, our team tied with the other in allowing 10 points. Which meant another tie-breaker.

Neither team wanted to play another game to decide a tie-breaker so it was decided to do skip stones. Each skip gets a chance to throw a rock. Closest to the button wins. Our skip managed to to win the draw by a few inches, so we're off until tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

That means barring losing both games tomorrow, we'll win some money. So that'll be nice.

So what are the downsides? Well, call me paranoid but I don't think too many other teams are cheering for us. Yes, each team wants to win, but you still cheer on other teams and hope they do well. I get the feeling that more than a few people would be happy if we lose tomorrow. But maybe it's just me.

The other problem is that I am hurting right now. It feels a bit like I've been hit by a sledgehammer. Aside from the muscle aches, I"m feeling just worn out. Plus I hurt something in my knee, so I've been icing and heating it throughout the evening. I've also got a knee brace that I'm going to wear tomorrow to help out.

I was supposed to go out this evening because they have a band at the curling club. However, with a game at 9 a.m. and with me feeling like crap right now, I've decided to stay home and take it easy this evening.

Man, I'm the youngest guy on the team. I shouldn't feel quite this bad after this much curling. And yet...

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