Friday, January 05, 2007

DVD fever

I mentioned previously that we resupplied when we were home. And yes, some of it was practical. We bought a ton of spices and herbs at Bulk Barn. We got a new Foreman grill because the last one died a sad death when it was dropped on the floor. We picked up some clothes and a few other things.

But really, we went batshit on the DVDs.

I mean, we got a nice few from parents for Christmas. That alone would have held up for a bit. But then we hit the Boxing Day sales and things went straight to hell. I thought Future Shop was going to be bad. And it was. But that's nothing compared to the carnage we inflicted on our Visa at HMV in the Mall. Even the cashiers were a little shocked.

However, we bought that many DVDs precisely for weekends like we're going to have coming up. Very cold when you would feel much better cozied up in the apartment watching a movie then out roaming around the community.

Keep in mind that most of it was on sale pretty cheap (some as little as $5). Although the really painful thing for me wasn't the money, but the method of which we transported them up north. Rather than carry all of those boxes, we took out the discs and put them in a carry case. However, we don't really have a place to store all those cases up here and we don't want to impose on our parents to store any more of our stuff than they already are.

So we threw them out. All except the Bond sets and the Superman case (which was made of metal for some reason). I understand the logic, but the collector inside me weeps when we do this sort of thing. Even for the junky movies.

For bonus points, try to guess which ones are my DVDs, which ones are Cathy's and which ones are a joint purchase.

The List
- The Complete James Bond (The box sets were on sale so it worked out to about $10 a movie. Which is a good deal as far as I'm concerned.)
* The West Wing - Seasons 5,6 and 7
* Gilmore Girls - Seasons 5 and 6
* Space: Above and Beyond (Complete Series)
* Justice League: Unlimited - Season 1
* The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Special 4-disc edition)
* Airplane
* A Fish Called Wanda
* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
* The DaVinci Code
* The Little Mermaid
* Cars
* X-Men: The Last Stand
* Air Force One
* In The Line Of Fire
* The Perfect Storm
* Das Boat (Directors's Cut)
* A Cinderella Story
* Hitch
* Lethal Weapon
* Footloose
* Superman Returns
* U2's Zoo TV Tour
* Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Live in New York City
* The Road to El Dorado
* Spirit
* Trainspotting
* Apollo 13
* Madagascar
* Excalibur
* Clerks II


Anonymous said...

Craig you totally bought the Gilmore Girls.
Glad you're back safe and sound. Enjoy Little Mermaid. I've seen it 50 times. hehe
-Mrs. Smith

Anonymous said...

You don't mess around!

You got some of my favourites in there: Bond, Das Boot, Airplane, Fish Called Wanda, and my all-time favourite: Apollo 13.

I have no idea which are yours and which are Cathy's... though I'd say Das Boot is yours?

Welcome back!!!

dups said...

Oh don't worry, it's a little known fact but Craig is CRAZY about the Gilmore Girls... he won't stop talking about it...

towniebastard said...

You know, I have some respect for the show in that it appears to be mostly well written and the dialogue is pretty sharp and clever.

But I honestly can't watch more than five minutes of it for two reasons. First, all the characters talk alike. And secondly there are too many severely annoying characters. I honestly don't know how people can stomach watching them.

Then again Grey's Anatomy is a mystery as well since it has an equal number of aggravating characters.0xero0