Thursday, January 11, 2007

We need a beach

Well, Environment Canada says it's -47 with windchill right now and the next couple of days are not promising to get any balmier. So a plan has been hatched. We need to go some place warm. Next week would be ideal, but it's going to have to wait until Easter break. The thought of it will keep us warm until then.

We're meeting with a travel agent next week and will try to find somewhere to go and take advantage of the First Air/Canadian North "seat sale" to get to Ottawa. The seat sale, by the way, means it only costs about $1,250 per person return. And yes, we could just stay in Ottawa for the break. But really, Ottawa in April doesn't strike me as an appealing way to spend a week's vacation. Mireille will back me up on this.

Anyway, we're trying to figure out where to go. We have about a week, we want to go some place warm and with a beach. We don't want to go to Mexico because, you know, a few too many Canadians are dying there recently. Nor do we want to go to Cuba because we have a hunch that something bad is going to happen there and we really don't want to have to depend on the federal government to evacuate us just in case.

Yes, there is still the Dominican Republic, but we were there a couple of years ago and would like to go somewhere else. So if anyone out there has suggestions for countries or resorts, by all means let us know.


Anonymous said...

Negril Beach in Jamaica, mon.

Anonymous said...

Haven't lived in an Ottawa April; mercifully, we were in Guatemala that time last year, though we were told we missed some shit weather.

I've heard Portugal is rather nice.


Anonymous said...

Nicaragua. Sounds strange I know as you immediately think of revolution, the sandanistas, etc. But that was a long time ago. Show me a warm place in that part of the world without some instability in its past.

From what I know of it,it is very safe, has beautiful beaches and cool sites (ie. volcanos, forests, wildlife). A friend of mine has been there several times and he says it's an undiscovered gem. Prices are reasonable as the industry is developing and while there are few resorts relative to the places you mentioned they are apparently of high quality. I intend to visit over the next year or two.

dups said...

There's always Sri Lanka...

J Consortium said...



NiN said...


Anonymous said...

Carter Lake, IA?
Mrs. NIN

towniebastard said...

We have to pick a spot that is within a reasonable distance from Toronto. So while Portugal and Hawaii are tempting, they're a bit too far away. We'll be going to Costa Rica at some point in the next few years.

And, ummm, I think Nebraska and Iowa are not exactly places I want to visit in April. Or any other month, for that matter. Sorry guys. I was thinking St. Martin or the Virgin Islands myself.

Or St. Lucia. That places looks nice. Just a matter of finding a place that isn't retardedly expensive.

Clare said...

So many places, so little time. I'd shameless recommend Arctic Bay. You did say you wanted sun, right? And there is a really nice B&B there, but I suspect you are wanting something else.

Go with Cuba. Nothing is going to happen and even if it does, think of the stories you can tell your grandkids. Costa Rica, Belize.

I'd stay away from Fiji right now though.

Anonymous said...

Okay fine - no Iowa. How about the Florida Keys?
Mrs. Smith