Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From above

I noticed the other day that Darcy had a few of Arctic Bay using Google Maps and I figured, what the hell, if they have Arctic Bay, surely they have something using Iqaluit.

And lo and behold, they do.

Now, I have no idea how Darcy was able to cut and paste the map onto his blog. Messing around with this for about 30 minutes succeeded only in thoroughly frustrating me. That includes looking at Google Maps API documentation, but that is currently frying my brain trying to figure it out. If you can explain that to me in simple language, I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, the image linked to is a very tight shot of Iqaluit. Towards the centre of the map you should see three buildings with redish rooftops. The one on the upper left is out apartment building. The underneath is the famous Snack. And the one to the right is Arctic Ventures.

Towards the top left there's a large building with a red roof and a baseball diamond in front of it. That would be Cathy's school. Across the street from that is Northmart.

You can zoom out and see a bit more of the city if you wish.

Not certain when this was taken. I think probably last summer as I noticed that some of the construction that's been happening around town is barely started in these images. Also, you may notice that while our building is relatively near the bay, there is no water near by. That's because this was taken at low tide and there is about a 10 metre difference between high and low tide.


Simon said...

How to capture the image:

Use a screen-capture program (http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/mwsnap.html)

Edit the image to size.

Post it and link it back to the orig google image..

It.s a bit of a kludge but it's the way I've done that kind of thing.

His Nibs said...

In OSX, screen capture is easy. Capture entire screen with Command+Shift+3. Capture part of the screen with Command+Shift+4. Click 'n drag the area to select it; releasing the mouse button snaps the image.

But I suspect you're trying to integrate GoogleMaps into your blog, rather than just add a pic. For that, here's a tutorial.