Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Townie: The T-Shirt

So while back home I popped into Living Planet to see if there were any t-shirts that I might want. Not that I need any more judging by how many I have. But I like their shirts and they inevitably get commented on whenever I go somewhere. I have the 'Free Nfld" shirt along with the "Joey" shirt. I keep contemplating the "I (club) baby seals" which I think would be a huge hit up here.

And really, when I saw this one, I had to buy it. It's completely me. Granted, few people in Iqaluit are going to get it, although I did get compliments on it while home.

I contemplated going and getting "Bastard" put somewhere on the shirt, but this will do for now. They also have "Bayman" and "Baygirl" shirts, although it's beyond me why you would want to buy one of those when you have the vastly superior "Townie" shirt for sale.

There's no "Da Pearl" shirt, which is clearly no surprise. The site hasn't been updated in awhile so the shirts aren't actually listed, but I'm sure if you contact them and want of the high quality Townie shirts, they'll send it to you.

You know, I guess I could get Townie Bastard t-shirts. With the image of the little guy smashing his head on the keyboard to go along with it. I just need a slogan. Hmmmm.....


SkylarKD said...

Love the shirt!

Btw, a friend here in Fredericton has the baby seals shirt, and it always gets a chuckle at parties. ;)

Newfie in nebraska said...

I wore mine at a 'nice place', and the girls serving at the bar thought it was cute that I had a "I love baby seals" shirt. Then one of my friends pointed out their error.
I love causeing shock and abject horror.

Anonymous said...

I was doing Townie and Bayman shirts in the early 80's. The bayman one had a rather precious typeface, small letters and looked pretty special on an XXL shirt. T-shirts didn't sell well then (this was way back before global warming) but I didn't care. Mostly I gave them away. Mostly I gave them to girls. Mostly I gave them size small in 100% cotton, the kind that will shrink down to fit tight on a greyhound pup the first time you wash them.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Townie shirt. My husband got one for christmas, I got the Bayman one - identifying being from the bay shouldn't be gender specific I think.

Lately I've heard those from the pearl referred to as 'clownies' - don't think LP would sell many of those shirts though!

We had a I club baby seals shirt for our baby when she was just born. Some mainlander relatives and friends didn't think it was so funny. Oh well.

Shelley from shelcor.org

Anonymous said...

I have to weigh in on the Seal Shirt..........I have a great shirt that gets a chuckle here in town: My printed shirt says:

I love (picture of a red heart) Baby Seals!

(In smaller print underneath)

Roasted in Gravey.....

Take that Sir Paul!!!!