Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A wee bit nippy

So it's been cold the last few days in Iqaluit. Temperatures hovering around -30 with the windchill down around -50. Today it's -44 with windchill and tomorrow it will get up to a balmy -39. There are consequences to this, of course. Boo hasn't been out of the apartment in days. Even with his coat we feel that the temperature is too cold for him. This means he's going slightly insane. The fact that a new couple have moved onto our floor with a new puppy - a husky who is not happy about being left alone - means he's going binky and being more vocal than normal. We're thinking about taking him into Cathy's school to let him run around a bit. We tried once before and he didn't seem that interested, but maybe this time it will be different.

Another wonder of the cold is that the car is apparently getting cranky. As best we can figure, the transmission has partially frozen. We can start the car and it will go in first gear, but that's it. It won't go much faster than 20 km/h and it also won't go in reverse. The later isn't a problem at home, believe it or not, but it is at work. Basically I have to put the car in neutral, push it out into the middle of the parking lot, put it in drive and then go.

We're hoping that warmer temperatures will thaw things out and the car will go back to normal. I really, really do not want to have to take it to the garage and say "I have a problem with the transmission." Short of "I have a problem with the engine." few things make mechanics drool more. And it's always uncomfortable having to wipe up drool while at a garage.

The car has been mostly good to us. The problems we've had haven't been its fault. So I really hope that streak continues.


Kirsten said...

Hey, why not get the two puppies together for an evening? Wear them both out, solve two problems at once...

Sheena said...

That weather is the way of things where I'm from (Labrador).

People here think it's unhumanly freezing when it's 10 below. They don't know true cold.

towniebastard said...

Yes, but at least you have trees in Labrador. I have no eartly idea if it would make any difference. It would be just as cold, I suspect, and I doubt trees do much to cut down the wind in Labrador.

But still, I miss trees.

And hey, it's warmer today. It's -28, but no windchill.

Simon said...


Not good.

Anonymous said...

Re. your car: Having worked at the garage Nunavut Performance and seen how the boss runs his business, I'd recommend going somewhere else.

- A Dane in Iqaluit

colette said...

(Dare I say it) awwww, puppy playdates! Take them both to the gym at school and let them chase a ball or something.

towniebastard said...

Having asked several people around town when we had some previous car troubles, I deal with Wynberg's, who are pretty good. We're hoping it's just the transmission fluid that's the problem. But I guess we'll see.

At any rate, we've delayed the Caribbean vacation as a precautionary measure, in case it's something worse.