Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So let's see what is new today.

1. My uncle is apparently in town. He's up here for meetings. Haven't seen him yet, but I left a message at his hotel, so hopefully he'll get back to me in the next couple of days. I didn't get a chance to much of my family over Christmas, including this uncle, so it will be nice to catch up with him. Perhaps we'll watch the Super Bowl on Sunday as I'm sure Cathy is desperately looking for some excuse to either get out of the apartment or get me out of the apartment.

2. The rest of my camera equipment has arrived. That being the lens (a Tamron 18-200 mm), a standard UV filter, a 2 gig SD card and a new carry bag. So the playing with of the camera has officially begun. I'll try not to subject folks here to too many photos of Cathy and Boo, but I will probably put some up on Flickr. I'll have to find out at some point how well the camera handles the cold up here. Probably this weekend.

It also made it through customs unscathed. The only thing I had to pay at the post office was GST and a Canada Post "handling" fee of $8. No brokerage fees. I'm quite pleased. I probably saved $100 or more going through the company in the US as opposed to any Canadian companies I checked out.

3. Called the garage today to politely inquire where the fuck our car is. Was told that the transmission just arrived today. Apparently there was a backlog of freight. It was supposed to have come up last Thursday. So I would say the earliest we'll get the car back will be tomorrow, but that's probably a pipe dream. In all probability we'll be lucky to get it before Friday. That will mean two weeks of walking back and forth to work in -40 temperatures.

As I've said, I know people in the north walk in colder temperatures than this all the time. And I know it's decent exercise. But I really, really would like the car back. If for no other reason than I miss having lunch with my wife.

4. Definitely coming down with something and I might take the day off work tomorrow. I've been pretty good about avoiding the majority of the post-Christmas bugs, but one of them was bound to land on me sooner or later.

5. Hmmm, it seems we've just realized that we've been married 18 months today. I'm not sure really what you get someone for a year and a half anniversary other than a kiss and a hug. Oh, and a new transmission. Nothing screams happy anniversary like expensive car repairs.

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