Monday, January 22, 2007

Weigh in: Week 2

So let's see, this week's weight is 236 pounds, down from 238. Not bad considering the week I had. Along with a birthday food splurge there was the issue of getting to the gym as much as I would like. We're still having car problems which makes getting to the gym difficult. Yes, we could walk there. However, it is easily a 25 minute walk. I walked to work this morning (the cab failed to show) and home this afternoon when placed closed early because of a blizzard. Try doing that in a ton of snow gear. Not quite the same as a gym workout, but not bad all the same.

I know other people walk long distances outside in other parts of the north. I know Cathy did it regularly when she lived in Rankin with temperatures as cold as -70. But walking to the gym when the temperatures at in the high -40s and then going and working out for an hour, then walking home when you're a bit sweaty in the same temperature, well, that's not my idea of a good time. Or a particularly smart thing.

So we haven't gone as much. Hopefully the car will be taken care of soon and we'll get back into our routine.

Ah yes, the car. Put it on Friday and we still don't know what's wrong. That's because they haven't gotten around to looking at it yet. "We're awfully swamped." Which I understand, but if it's that bad maybe you could have let me know first to see if one of the other garages could fit me in.

Because of the uncertainty with the transmission we've decided to forgo the Caribbean vacation. Odds are we're about to hand our mechanic enough money to take his wife on a nice Caribbean vacation though. Yes, it could just need some fluid and it will work out fine. But I doubt if we'll be that lucky. The karma on the car has been a bit shaky the last six months.

While we're not going to a nice beach we did decide to book tickets to Ottawa. So we'll be spending a fun-filled, action-packed week in our nation's capital. Ottawa in April may well suck, but I suspect there will still be more warmth than up here. Oh, and Mireille, we'll have to try and make arrangements to have lunch or something while we're there.

That's assuming the car doesn't blow up or something first...


Anonymous said...

Do lunch, hell - I'll make you Italian (it is still your favourite food, right?) All you need to do is send me a list of all the things Cathy's allergic to...I'd feel really terrible if I sent her to the emergency room.

Not that I'm not happy at the prospect of having you around briefly, but why Ottawa? Does Cathy have people here?


Terri Lynn said...

Kevin Smith is apparently going to start posting his weight loss results in his blog as well. And on Monday's as well. A trend perhaps.

towniebastard said...

Terri Lynn, thanks for that site. Aside from providing me with a laugh, I can see how I'll be following Smith to see how he does compared to me. Although he's hoping to get to 235 whereas I'm pretty much already there and hoping to get around 195 by the end of the year.

Mireille, Cathy is allergic to seafood, nuts, soy and eggs. Oh, and kiwis, but I don't think you put that in Italian food. Cathy also says she desperately needs some Indian food, so if you having a craving, or know a good Indian restaurant in Ottawa, then come along.

As for why Ottawa, well, that's where the plane from Iqaluit lands. Plus, Cathy does have family in Ottawa, where we might crash for a few days. Plus, we're renting a car to get around.

Ottawa in April will still likely be an improvement in weather than Iqaluit in April

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