Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yeah, I got nothing this evening. It occurs to me that I haven't actually talked to much about Iqaluit since I got back here. Well, ummm, there's not too much happening. It is mid-January. It's is quite cold outside. The temperatures look like they're going to be dipping into the -30s the weekend, and that's before windchill. When it gets that cold, people tend to just want to stay inside.

Yes, I know there are colder parts of Nunavut. But if it gets colder than -40 with windchill, that's cold any way you cut it.

Anyway, the point being, not much going on. Work has been busy for me, but I can't really talk about it. Oh, and if you gave us Chapters gift cards for Christmas, they've been well used. The books arrived today. It's occurring to us that we are rapidly running out of bookshelf space. As we plan on staying here for several more years, I'm not really sure what we're going to do about this. I guess we can get rid of the couch and just start sitting on them or something.

Right, clearly rambling here. I got nothing. Hopefully tomorrow I can entertain you with some more interesting.

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Owen's Mom said...

We're just getting over what is being touted as the "Blizard of the decade" here, and really - not so much. About 15 cm snow over about a 24 hour period, late Tuesday and early Wednesday. The winds were impressive, apparently topping out at 80 km, but not what I would have classified as a serious blizard. A storm, really.

It's curently -46 with windchill, and that's much more distressing to me - they left the schools open during the blizard, but closed them today due to the WindChill Hazard.

Yeah, this place is odd.