Thursday, January 18, 2007

The (birth)day that was...

I actually meant to post something mentioning that yesterday was my 37th birthday, but the day just got away from me. We went out for supper at the Frobisher Inn. I had the pork tenderloin in a mushroom cream sauce and Cathy had a steak. We skipped dessert because I had a birthday cheesecake waiting for me. You can actually get really good New York style cheesecake in Iqaluit. It’s at Baffin Cannery, which is a bit hidden, but worth the effort to find if you’re in town. They always managed to bring in a few interesting things.

So yeah, the birthday...not so much good at the diet. But it’s my birthday and by God if there is a day of the year I’m allowed to splurge a little, then that would be it.

But it was a good day. Cathy tends to fret these things a lot more than I do. Birthdays are a big deal for her, whereas they tend to be just another day for me. I appreciate that people who have birthdays around Christmas tend to get the short end of the stick, but having one in mid-January is not much better. People are tired after Christmas and don’t want to go shopping, have no idea what to get you and, odds are, have just received the Visa bill and are quietly moaning in a corner somewhere.

Still, Cathy worried for no reason. I woke up next to my lovely wife, who managed to surprise the hell out of me by buying me the camera that I had been eyeing for several months. It’s a lovely beastie. Here’s a pic.

It’s just the body right now. I just ordered the lens, memory card and bag so hopefully that will arrive next week. So that’s a use for some of the birthday money I got right there. And yes, it would be nice to be able to play with the camera right away, but I’ll use the time until the equipment gets here reading the 250 page instruction booklet.

The rest of the day went fine. Work was good. Supper was lovely and I spent a portion of the evening on the phone with my mom and dad and friends.

The world didn’t end and all that happened was that a got another day older. Granted, Dups dropped me a lovely line wishing me a happy 40th birthday. I told that to my mom, who was upset Dups felt that she looked old enough to have a son who was 40, so that’s something he’ll have to explain to her when he goes home in August.

So, to sum up:
1. Still healthy – check
2. Still have loving wife – check
3. Got great gift – check
4. Had lovely supper – check
5. Job still going well - check
6. Phone calls from friends and family - check
7. Life in generally, pretty good – check
8. Got Dups in trouble – bonus

I’d say 2007, and my 37th year, are off to a pretty good start.


dups said...

Oh my god, you bastard. I love your mum, how could you do that to her (and errrr, how dare you get me in trouble)....

Is this a declaration of war?


towniebastard said...

You best hope not...I'll win as I'm more evil, especially considering my job.

Don't worry, you're a clever lad. You'll think of some way to apologize to my mom for calling her old.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated, Towniebastard! And keep up the new lifestyle (minus the birthday splurge).

Wolfgang said...

Happy 37th birthday from an avid reader of your blog!

Jason said...

Happy Birthday Craig, many returns

Mrs. Smith said...

Wow! You DID have a great birthday! Pretty camera. Be glad you didn't have that shipped down here.
Happy 37th!!!!
Mrs. S